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Spigot 1.8.8 (Inactive)
Last active on 2017-07-20
This is a factions server IP is you won't to join. 
there are more then one operators :  

OWNER-Gaming_PearlYT  , ADMIN-The_Cookie  , ADMIN-BlitzgamerMD  , builder-zapplowe DEV  spec76

if you wan't a pretty nice rank or some awesome crate keys buy them at this website!
or donate here!

Donator rank: 5$/50credits

-infinit homes
-pv 1-3
-smoke+ender trail
-kit Donator
Hades rank: 10$/50credits

-infinit homes
-pv 1-5
- smoke ender firework trail
- fly
-kit donator
-kit Hades
                                      -----  -----

If you wan't to visit the server's channel  you can find it on this name= Gaming Pearl

Thanks for visiting the server wesite, have fun!

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