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Livecraft - Since 2011!
Livecraft is a survival, and creative free build server which has been around since mid-2011. We first went online with Minecraft beta 1.7.3, and had a very small user base. Since then, we've been gifted with an active and kind community. Livecraft isn't just about building, its about socializing. On Livecraft, you will find that it is truly about building with others, having competitive spirit and sharing experiences with many players. Many develop friendships, while some choose to stick to building. Its your experience, make it what you want.
Livecraft is proud to feature a suite of plugins to enhance your in-game experience.

Any donations made on this page directly credit hosting costs through

We look forward to seeing you on Livecraft!
Regards, Jonathan (alfonsojon) and Jake (Medius_Echo).
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Alyssa Schaefers200 Credits5 Jun 2017
Medius_Echo100 Credits23 Apr 2017
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