PocketMine 1.6.0

Genboy Bravelands Pocketmine environment, Minecraft Multi Player for Pocket Edition (PMMP)
Testing Pocketmine plugins with github repo plugin repository

Recently released the Festival plugin at Poggit

issues @ github and/or reviews @ poggit

now running testing plugins with
[b]PocketMine-MP[/b]_1.7dev-698_e0ed8774[b]_API-3.0.0-ALPHA11[/b].phar[b] (v1.2.10)
plugin updates in progress add github


PMMP_1.7dev-326_3.0.0-ALPHA9 - Clean restart and development

Creating a collection of Minecraft Pocketmine PM plugins, tested with the latest version.
Started with a small set of plugins and building up.
Master branch is a pre-install package for the latest stable version.

PMMP_1.7dev-326_3.0.0-ALPHA9 |

Tested Pocketmine API 3.0.0-ALPHA7 <

--- Plugins ---
DevTools v1.12.1, EssentialsPE v2.0.0, Worlds v1.0.11, iProtector v4.0.1#3.1b, BigBrother v1.6.0-beta, FactionsPro v1.3.10-dev2, AllSigns v1.0.2

These plugins are installed and doin fine with Pocketmine API 3.0.0-ALPHA7

Pretty Stupid MOBS! (pureEntities working again!)

more updates on my blog 

In row for testing:

--------------------  Pocketmine 3.0.0-ALPHA5 tested --------------------

Connect and play with handheld devices AND PC anywhere in the same world!!!

Thank you BigBrotherTeam for this amazing cool plugin!!

PMMP can not be compared to the Original Java version..

 Just play along :)

Plugins previously working fine with API 3.0.0-ALPHA5:

tested -> most of these are outdated for API 3 since MCPE 1.0.1

More info:

Found this page is listed on the second page of a google search for
 pmmp plugins work api 3 or pmmp plugins work or pmmp server plugins work or pmmp api 3 server plugins

(only second pages, i know, but not any good articles out there about pmmp api 3 plugins?)

Just for fun and SEO :p

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